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SleepWell Technology Co., Ltd.-Privacy Policy

In order to process your application to become a user of the "Siwei Sleep Technology Platform Service" (hereinafter referred to as the Platform Service) established by the Company and use the Platform Service, Siwei Sleep Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Company) will collect, process and use the user's personal data. In order to protect your personal data, the Company hereby informs the user of the following matters in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act:

1. Purpose and categories of collection
The purpose of collecting your personal data is to confirm your identity and establish user data files, and to conduct marketing, customer management and services, and other businesses approved by the competent authority or other businesses that comply with the business registration items or organizational charters, and to conduct investigations, registrations, analysis and possible dispute handling required to complete the business. The personal data collected by the company on this platform includes:

  1. Personal information: User's name, ID number, contact information (telephone, email address, address, etc.), gender, etc.

  2. Questionnaire survey data: All business-related questionnaires or data required for interviews.

  3. Financial information required to complete the collection and payment: credit card, etc.

  4. Information required for online transactions: Identity card number, date of birth, gender, etc., which are used to check medical expense details through this platform.

  5. Service transaction records: transaction records of this platform, medical expense payment details, etc.

  6. Other unclassified data: Personal data provided by the user to the transaction counterparty. The Company will obtain personal data for the purpose of fulfilling the contract or with the user's consent. Other personal data that directly or indirectly identifies the user's identity, including registration time, IP address, device model, operating system version, etc.

2. Period, Area, Target and Method of Use

  1. Period: From the date you join as a user of this platform to the date you or the Company terminates the service of this platform. However, if there are other provisions in laws or regulations or data that need to be preserved according to the law, such provisions shall apply.

  2. Region: Taiwan, the region where this platform provides services and websites and web pages.

  3. Target: Our company or any institution with which our company has a contractual relationship or business dealings due to business needs or dealings due to incidental issues arising from services; financial supervisory or legally authorized agencies or financial supervisory agencies.

  4. Method: In compliance with relevant laws on personal data protection, using automated machines or other non-automated methods within the scope of the collection purpose.

3. Rights of Personal Data
You can exercise the following rights in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act:

  1. Inquire or request a review.

  2. Request a copy.

  3. Request an addition or correction.

  4. Request that collection, processing or use cease.

  5. Request deletion.

  6. If you wish to exercise the above rights, please contact the Company at

  7. If you request the Company to inquire about your personal data, the Company may ask you to provide identification documents. If you entrust a third party to apply on your behalf, a letter of authorization and the identification documents of both parties must be provided.

  8. The Company will charge the necessary costs for the request to search, view or make a copy.

IV. Impact of not providing personal information on your rights and interests
You can choose whether to provide information and the completeness of the information provided. However, if some functions, services or activities of this platform are only available based on the information you provide, if you do not provide complete and correct personal information, some functions, services or activities may not be available. At that time, the Company will not be able to accept your application for user qualifications or service qualifications. Please understand.

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